Jesus: The Theme of the Bible


In Genesis He is the Promised One

In Exodus He is Passover Lamb

In Leviticus He is the High Priest

In Numbers He is my Guide through the wilderness of my life

In Deuteronomy He is the Faithful Prophet

In Joshua He is The Captain of our Salvation

In Judges He is Subprime Court

In Ruth He is the Kinsman Redeemer

In 1st Samuel He is the Anointed One

In 2nd Samuel He is the Descendent of David

In 1st Kings He is the Coming King

2nd Kings He is the Power Behind the Throne

1st Chronicles He is the Builder of the Temple

2nd Chronicles He is the Glory of the Temple

In Ezra He is the Faithful Scribe

In Nehemiah He is the Rebuilder of Broken Walls

In Esther He is the Outstretched Scepter

In Job He is The Answer to Man’s Questions

In Psalms He is the Merciful one

In Proverbs He is the Wisdom of God

In Ecclesiastes He is the Preacher

In Songs of Solomon He is Rose of Sharon, the Bright Morning Star

In Isaiah He is the Lord, High and Holy and Lifted Up,

In Jeremiah He is the potter Who Remolds Marred Lives

In Lamentations He is a Man of Sorrows

In Ezekiel He is the All Seeing Eye of God

In Daniel He is the 4th Man in the Fiery Furnace

In Hosea He is the Loving and Redeeming Husband

In Joel He is this Old Man’s Dream and the Young Man’s Vision

In Amos He is the Burden Bearer

In Obadiah He is the Mighty Savior

In Jonah He is the God of the Second Chance

In Micah He is the Bread from Bethlehem’s Oven

In Nahum He is the Avenger

In Habakkuk He is my Joy and Strength

In Zephaniah He is the Defining Fire

In Haggai He is the Cleansing Fountain

In Zechariah He is the Pierced One

In Malachi He is Heaven’s Love

In Matthew He is the Lion of Judah

In Mark He is the Servant of God

In Luke He is the Son of Man

In John, He is the Son of God

In Acts, He is the accenting Savior

In Romans, He is the Redeemer

In First Corinthians, He is the Second Adam

In Second Corinthians, He is the Church’s Handbook

In Galatians He is the Our Liberty,

In Ephesians He is our Riches

In Philippians, He is our Joy,

In Colossians, He is the Fullness of the Godhead

In First Thessalonians, He is the Comfort,

In Second Thessalonians, He is Soon Coming King,

In First Timothy, He is an  Awesome Savior,

In Second Timothy, He is the Scholar’s Textbook,

In Titus, He is the Pastor’s Pattern,

In Philemon, He is a Friend That Sticketh Closer than a Brother

In Hebrews, He is our Rest,

In James, He is the Great Physician,

In First Peter, He is the Great Shepard,

In Second Peter, He is the Awesome Revelation,

In First John, He is the Truth,

In Second John, He is the Life,

In Third John, He is the Way,

in Jude, He is our Justifier,

And in Revelations, He is the

King of Kings,

The Lamb of God

the Alpha and Omega,

And His name is Jesus.

Dr. Ernie Perkins